My Fall Lineup

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:38 AM

Well, since the rest of the Cranium Leakers are posting their TV schedules for the new fall season, I feel obliged to do the same. Here's my schedule. I know it may come across as a bit confusing at first with all of the options, but just try to muddle through it once or twice and then maybe it'll make more sense.








Phew. So you made it through that, huh? Yes, I know its a tough schedule, but somebody's got to do it!

Seriously, the schedule isn't completely true — I do watch some TV. I might watch a movie (often courtesy of Charter's Video On Demand service) or an old sitcom rerun. I just don't find any draw to watch major network TV on a regular basis. The last first run TV series I watched was, I suppose, NBC's Revelations that ran for six weeks in April and May of 2005. I was also into Debbie Travis's Facelift on HGTV for a bit, although my schedule usually meant I missed it and I got out of the habit of watching it.

This is true for several reasons. First, I tend to prefer more of what I'd call “classic broadcasting humor” in sitcoms; the comedy that made shows like I Love Lucy or the Dick Van Dyke Show simply doesn't seem to exist anymore. I'd say that breed of sitcom probably died with the end of the Cosby Show (at least as far as I've been able to tell). Second, for the most part, I prefer comedy over drama in a TV show. In my opinion, drama usually is more appealing in movie form. I was (am) a Trekkie, but nothing after Deep Space Nine was compelling enough to get me to watch on a regular basis.

On top of all of this, there are usually other things I'd rather do, especially as opposed to watching shows live (I watch basically everything in recorded form).

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Re: My Fall Lineup
Okay, I have to post. Today is the 40th birthday of Star Trek - it's a television "high-holy day" :) My plans are the same as yours, however, I do have one thing - Monday Night Football. I like to watch the last quarter. I just bought a big (well, 32 inch) screen, and will get hi-def cable (5 bucks more). One channel I do watch is the History Channel. Last night, while cooking up a storm (I've been eating healthy and it feels great), there was a show on Hero (or Heron) of Alexandria. The first "programmer". As a piece of trivia, one of Jesus gifts, besides Gold, Frankencense and Myrrh, was a copy of Hero's back-flipping dog. (A legend, not in the Bible, but well-evidenced).
Posted by Mike O - Sep 09, 2006 | 12:55 PM

Re: My Fall Lineup
You are quite right, it is a "high holy day." All I can say is, "Live long and prosper... K'pla!" Monday Night Football in HD sounds like a dream for someone who likes football. I've never gotten into the game, but it sounds like a good plan, at any rate! Hi-Def cable is pretty nice, I'll add; Charter includes it as part of the DVR service fee. :) What is Hero's back-flipping dog?
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Sep 10, 2006 | 4:02 AM

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