Evolution and Faith?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:36 AM

I received an interesting article on intelligent design (or rather an argument against it and for evolution from a religious perspective) in my mailbox. This is rather unusual, so I thought I'd share it:

Advocates of American-style “intelligent design” (ID) have had a tough year. Their anti-evolution arguments have been soundly rejected by the scientific community, they lost spectacularly in a highly-publicised federal trial on the issue of ID in schools, and most recently the voters in Kansas rejected ID school board candidates in a statewide election. So they may surely be forgiven for hoping that Pope Benedict's discussions on evolution this month with his former students could bring some rare good news.

You can read the rest here. What strikes me on this, as it does elsewhere, is confusion on the term Intelligent Design. If God is the ultimate causation of evolution, what is that other than Intelligent Design? Perhaps I'm just being a stickler, but I think there are three major positions — Naturalistic Darwinian Evolution, Intelligent Design Evolution and Creationism — and blurring the latter two together just muddies the waters needlessly.

Regardless, the article is worth a read. Thoughts?

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