What Else? The Piper Pays Him!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:06 PM

Well, this summer has been a summer of musicals. What could be better than that? Today, I saw what was likely the last musical of the season. My great aunt celebrated her 94th birthday this week, and so my parents and myself went with her to a musical at the community college as something different to give her. I think she liked that a lot more than anything else we could have given her (not even a copy of Captain Billy's Wizbang could have beaten it!).

There was almost trouble in St. Charles city, though. Being a small time event, we did not have tickets ahead of time. When we arrived this afternoon, the theater was sold out. Fortunately, we stuck around to get a “waiting list” number, and ended up with some really nice seats. My dad and myself took two seats in the third row, while my aunt and mother took front row seats. The cost for four people? A mere $14.

No there where no white knights in the play or angels with wings, but we enjoyed an amazing performance given the price and setting. The scenery was not anything spectacular, but was “good enough.” The performers all gave a five star performance; in fact, I think there were less mistakes in this small time play than in the Muny version of Mame (although the heat on last Monday may have been the cause for that!). The orchestra might not have been as good as the ones at a more professional production (or ones that would have been conducted by the great Creatore or John Philips Sousa), but they did an almost flawless job on all but the most difficult numbers.

Now, I know what you are saying: “I don't believe I caught the name of the play.” I don't believe I dropped it. 15 Challenge points for the person who can guess what the play was without using Google (or another general purpose search engine).