The Road of Life...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 10:56 PM

Before going to the Muny last Friday, I traded in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. My aunt had sold it for a good price when she was getting ready to trade up to a new Jeep a number of years back, but it was starting to exhibit some problems, such as a shifter that was sticking, some odd noises in the engine and plummeting fuel economy. It still had some trade-in value — though not much — so I decided it was a good time to take advantage of that.

I was going to say what I traded up to, but that wouldn't be any fun, now would it? Instead, I'll offer 10 asisaid points, toward the next iteration of the Challenge (coming soon), to the poster who can guess correctly what I traded my trusty Jeep in for. If you can guess the right color, I'll also offer 10 points. If you can guess both correctly together, I'll give you 10 extra points for a total of 30. :)

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