Yes, I'm Alive and Kicking

By Tim Butler | Posted at 11:34 PM

This has been quite a busy period of time for me since I last blogged. In roughly that amount of time, I have turned in somewhere around sixty pages of papers, mostly in the first three days of last week. I'm feeling very good about that, now that all of those pages are done. The Honors Convocation at LU was last Sunday, my Mac minis came in on Monday (I picked them up on Tuesday), the National Day of Prayer was Thursday… busy, busy.

Then there were unpleasant parts, such as someone rear-ending me on Thursday, though fortunately no one was seriously hurt and a sheriff happened to be near by so all the reporting could be done quickly. The damage on my end is a presently slightly sore back and a damaged rear bumper on the Jeep. Not nearly as bad as it could have been. We'll see how well Progressive Insurance, the insurer of the guy who hit me, does about getting an adjuster out to take care of the bumper (and hopefully provide me with a rental while the car is in the shop).

I may post some excerpts or complete copies of the papers in the coming weeks. The longer ones cover the case for a Christian poet writing Beowulf, the rationale for a probalistic argument for God and an analysis of the different interpretations of the Faust tradition in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus (one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, in my estimation) and Lord Byron's Manfred.

Y'all up to anything new?

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