Combining Work and Pleasure

By Tim Butler | Posted at 12:04 AM

If you've noticed I've been quoting a lot of Barth lately, you might guess that I've become quite fond of him. You'd be right. But, it is also because I've had the excuse opportunity to dig into Barthian history and theology lately. One of my projects this semester is to create a master thesis quality annotated bibliography and guess who I'm doing it on? Yup, Barth.

I figured if I don't have time to look into subjects I want to normally, I'll take any opportunity I can to make them part of my course work.

This project is just getting started, so I hope all of you can tolerate a lot more Barth in the mean time. As part of the research, I'm hoping to throw in some of Barth's contemporaries and fellow travelers, which logically sends me to look at Missourians Reinhold and H. Richard Niebuhr as well as Barth's fellow Swiss colleague Emil Brunner.

I hope I don't drive y'all crazy. :)

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