So far, so good...

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Well, we've been in Iraq for a little over 48 hours now and it seems like all is going well. It was especially nice to see the peoples of southern Iraq welcoming the American troops. I hope they spread the word that we're nice guys so that this type of reception continues!

Now, if we can only figure out what to do with France. If you didn't catch it, it seems that Jacques Chirac has announced that France will not cooperate with the effort to rebuild Iraq if we and the Brits help lead that project. Apparently they fear that would legitimize our attacks on Iraq. Makes sense: they didn't want us to “hurt” Iraq… so now they are going to join in and hurt Iraq for us.

RE: So far, so good...

Things do seems to be going well. The only complaint that I have is with all of the helicopter crashes. At least to me, it seems that there've been way more than what is necessary. Other than that, things are looking good.

Posted by Le Renard Subtil - Mar 24, 2003 | 14:26

RE: So far, so good...

Yeah, I noticed that too. What do you suppose is up with the crashes? It seems we have some major chopper problems, especially considering we had a crash in Afghanistan the other day too. :-\

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 25, 2003 | 22:19

Re: So far, so good...

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