The Result of the Photo Game

By Tim Butler | Posted at 11:29 PM

And now the time has come to see the end,
To this small amusement answer I’ll amend.
Tis not the first that will be correct of them,
For that is Shakespeare the rival of Ben.
Tis not the sixth, I do maintain to you,
He’s Jim the church’s custodian, that’s who.
Nor ‘twas it five, though Kevin tried quite hard,
He was from Google unknown to this bard.
(And had he been the hidden face of mine,
Less likely this amusement kept I on Valentine.)
No guesséd number two which is too bad,
A friend of mine is he for which I’m glad.
But two remain, for I am almost done,
Which surely good is for one unlike Donne.
Would that I would be the number four,
For Senator (state) would be on my door.
But last, ‘tis I, it’s number three for me,
A shot so bad – alas! – that’s what you see.
Now when Aurora’s fingers climb the sky,
And day again bids night a clear “good bye,”
A better picture shall I post on here,
Though still best suited for radio careers.
Flip’s the one, the only one who guess’d it,
So she crowned winner has thus won this bit.

Tags: Questions

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