asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

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1.) Where does the following quote come from (20 pts.):
Now, luck yet send us, and a little wit Will serve to make our play hit;
(According to the palates of the season)
Here is rhime, not empty of reason.

2.) What are the original names of the units that form C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity and what form did they take (5 pts.)?

3.) In honor of the IBM PC division sale, name the company that was hired to develop the software for the first IBM PC. Name the software this latter company purchased the rights to as part of the IBM PC Project (10 pts.).

4.) Who wrote “How many deaths did I die before I was awakened to new life again” (10 pts.)?

5.) BIG BONUS ROUND: I don't know the answer to this one, but I want to. Who was the author of the quote “Seek truth knowing there can be no conflict behind God and truth.” My friend who gave it to me recalls originally reading it in a 1960's magazine aimed at soon to be college freshmen, such as he was at the time (200 pts. [no typo there]). You may use Google and other search engines on this question and this question only.

Don't forget, Borges work from round one has yet to be named. I'll offer double points to the person who names it.

Also, don't forget, no web search engines may be used in searching for the quotes in these questions, but you may use any web resource other than that.

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

2) “The contents of this book were first given on the air, and then published in three separate parts as The Case for Christianity (1943)*, Christian Behavior (1943), and Beyond Personality (1945).”
* Published in England under the title Broadcast Talks

From the preface, page 5. Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity. Macmillan Publishing Company: New York, NY. 1943, 1945, 1952.

Posted by kevin - Dec 15, 2004 | 2:23

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

1) Hmmm. It sounds like it could be Shakespeare (A midsummernight's dream comes to mind), but it could just as well be Kit Marlow or Ben Jonson, I guess.

5) Assuming you meant “no conflict BETWEEN God and truth” I've seen many versions of this expression. Most originate from Augustine's Confessions, I think, where he describes (among other things) his search for truth and how this brought him to God in the end. I couldn't find the exact quote, though :(

Posted by Flip - Dec 15, 2004 | 3:20

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

About 3): The company is Microsoft, who acquired the rights to what would latter be MS-DOS from Seattle Computer Products.

About Borges, well, I think it is from The Aleph or The Book of Sand.

Posted by Eduardo - Dec 15, 2004 | 13:10

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

4.) Who wrote “How many deaths did I die before I was awakened to new life again” (10 pts.)?

Must be Nichole Nordman? My wife has the “Woven & Spun” album. Plays it constantly. I just asked her and she said that comes from “Holy”. Of course, the 10 points must be awarded to my wife :-)

Posted by Chris Olson - Dec 15, 2004 | 13:41

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

Kevin: With a properly cited source even? You get those points.

Flip: Shakespeare would be incorrect. Concerning the quote, your correction is correct… if you happen to run across it, let me know. I'll check out some Augustine. Not only will this question earn someone a ton of points, it will earn my eternal gratitude.

Eduardo: Right on the first, incorrect on the second (it is The Garden of the Forking paths — Kevin guessed it right in the original post today).

Chris: Yup, that would be right. Your wife has good taste. I purchased the Woven & Spun CD after Nordeman did the opener at the SCC concert I went to. I will award the points to your wife. :-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 16, 2004 | 2:08

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

I knew number 3!

Well inside cheke and cimble!

Posted by Christopher - Dec 16, 2004 | 7:58

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

Hmm… “Shakespeare is incorrect”. Since you phrased it that way, I'm guessing Ben Jonson, then :) (And if that's wrong, I'll guess Kit Marlow next, obviously [grin])

Posted by Flip - Dec 17, 2004 | 1:51

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

My W.A.G.: Chaucer

Posted by kevin - Dec 17, 2004 | 16:24

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

Flip: Jonson would be right. I'm not sure going through a list of the “big three” is quite fair. Just figure out where it comes and then you can “read no more, thou has attained the end.” No that is not a hint, if you try to make it one you will quickly find that it is of no help, for “I would lift up my hands, but, see, they hold them, they hold them.”

Kevin: Sorry, Kevin, good guess though. Yet you still have a chance to get the points: to get the points one must name the source of the quote.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 17, 2004 | 22:36

RE: asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

Is the Johnson quote/question still open? (You set a close date, but haven't posted about it since then.) I believe it comes from “Volpone”, The Fox.

Posted by kevin - Dec 22, 2004 | 19:41

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