asisaid Challenge #4: More Questions

By Tim Butler | Posted at 8:00 PM
1.) Where does the following quote come from (20 pts.):
Now, luck yet send us, and a little wit Will serve to make our play hit;
(According to the palates of the season)
Here is rhime, not empty of reason.

2.) What are the original names of the units that form C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity and what form did they take (5 pts.)?

3.) In honor of the IBM PC division sale, name the company that was hired to develop the software for the first IBM PC. Name the software this latter company purchased the rights to as part of the IBM PC Project (10 pts.).

4.) Who wrote “How many deaths did I die before I was awakened to new life again” (10 pts.)?

5.) BIG BONUS ROUND: I don't know the answer to this one, but I want to. Who was the author of the quote “Seek truth knowing there can be no conflict behind God and truth.” My friend who gave it to me recalls originally reading it in a 1960's magazine aimed at soon to be college freshmen, such as he was at the time (200 pts. [no typo there]). You may use Google and other search engines on this question and this question only.

Don't forget, Borges work from round one has yet to be named. I'll offer double points to the person who names it.

Also, don't forget, no web search engines may be used in searching for the quotes in these questions, but you may use any web resource other than that.

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