Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

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Here's the status of previous questions:

1.1.) It was armor for the Humvees (military Hummers). [solved]

1.2.) Yes, Jason and Flip are correct that it is Borges. The complete answer for this one is still pending.

2.) Thomas Jefferson was a deist and the organization I had in mind was the Unitarian Universalists Association (UUA). [solved]

3.1.) As Kevin noted, this flew right over asisaid readers, but the answer that Kevin correctly named is none other than our new theist friend, Antony Flew. See my post from December 9 to see why this relates to this blog. [solved]

3.2.) UNIX was properly linked to Multics by Ed. Flip correctly added the words behind the Multics acronym: Multiplexed Information and Computing System. What's left is the pun that is the name UNIX. It began as UNICS (Uniplexed ICS), but the bad jokes that came from what the word sounds like (think castrated Multics) were alleviated by changing the name to UNIX which does not stand for anything. [solved]

3.3.) Kevin got this one too, the answer being the song Whisper by Evanesence (Amy Lee and Ben Moody). I don't recall blogging about this group, but regardless, Kevin got it. I was hoping the Latin would make it confusing (call me mean). [solved]

This leaves only question #1.2 remaining. Aren't there any Borges fans on here? Try to take different routes and maybe you will arrive at the answer.

Kevin pulls in the lead by taking on my two “difficult” questions from set three. Jason makes a fast rise toward the top. And the two EDifying readers Ed and Eduardo are tied at 10. For the first time in the history of this blog, Christopher has fallen behind someone in points. What in tarnation is going on here?!?!? Mr. W needs to get to work. :-)

Kevin: 40 [30 from 3.3, 10 from 3.1.]
Christopher: 20
Flip: 20
Jason: 15
Eduardo: 10
Ed: 10

(If you see an error in this scoring, let me know.)

As long as everyone seems to be enjoying this, I'll post a few more questions. If this gets old faster than I run out of challenges, someone hit me on the head and tell me.

1.) What country recognized 5 minority languages on 1 April 2000? [10 pts.]

2.) What important event in Catholic (and, technically, Protestant) history occurred on 13 December? [10 pts] What international events happened on the same day in 1996 and 2003? [5 pts ea.]

3.) What famous Librarian of Congress was a member of Skull and Bones? (Name the activity that this person was best known for as well.) [20 pts.]

4.) What did dioxin have to do with politics this week? [5 pts.]

5.) What is the proper name of the color of the first iMac? [5 pts.]

More Challenge will appear on Tuesday.

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

1) Belgium
2) I can't remember the name… Shoot… But if I recall, it was an answer (that's not the word I am looking for…) to the Protestant Reformation.
5) Well I was going to say Lisa but that was the Mac predecessor, my next guess would be the Bondi Blue iMac. Not sure if this right.

Posted by Christopher - Dec 13, 2004 | 0:05

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

2) It helps that I've been studying the Roman Catholic church this semester and two possible answers are found in my class notes. I'm guessing you're talking the council of Trent in 1545, but you could also be referring to the abdication of Pope Celestine in 1294 (the first papal abdication).

4) One of the Ukranian presidential candidates was possibly poisoned by it.

5) Snow?

Posted by kevin - Dec 13, 2004 | 0:27

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

Christopher: You were on the right track with number two, I'll give you 5 pts for being on the right track. You are right with number 5 (Bondi Blue). Unfortunately, you are incorrect with 1. That should give you 10 pts. total tonight. Maybe you are on your way to a comeback!

Kevin: That would help. Trent would be what I was thinking [10 pts.]. That you came up with another event for December 13 that fit the bill, I think merits another 5 pts. Very interesting, thanks, Kevin. You are right on 4, but you are incorrect on 5. That gives you a total of 20 pts!

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 13, 2004 | 1:11

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

Sweden recognised Sami, Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish and Romani Chib as minority languages in 2000, but I can't remember if it was in April :)

The Ukranian who was poisoned by dioxin was Yanukovitch, I think, and it was the Austrian doctors who confirmed it, but no one knows if the poisoning was intentional, from what I've heard.

Regarding the 13th of December, it's also the day when Saint Lucia is celebrated in Sweden :)

Posted by Flip - Dec 13, 2004 | 3:53

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

5) aqua?

Snow was the official color of the white line of mac products, but I had no clue if that was the first iMac, or not. I'm not sure I want to know bad enough to look it up. :)

Posted by kevin - Dec 13, 2004 | 5:09

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

Flip: You've got 10 more points with your name on them. It was actually Yushchenko who was poisoned, although that's quite a detailed account you have there.

Kevin: Christopher's guess, Bondi Blue, was correct. Aqua would have made sense, however.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 14, 2004 | 1:49

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

Thanks, I always mix their names up :)

Posted by Flip - Dec 14, 2004 | 1:58

RE: Summary of Past Answers, Current Point Board, New Questions

My pleasure. I have a hard time with them too… couldn't they pick two guys with names at opposite ends of the alphabet or something? ;-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 14, 2004 | 2:07

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