asisaid challenge: Question Set #3

By Tim Butler | Posted at 10:48 AM
1.) Here is a tough one, but one that fits into the puzzle of this blog… somehow. Who wrote it? [15 pts]
Suppose then that we are in doubt as to what someone who gives vent to an utterance is asserting, or suppose that, more radically, we are sceptical as to whether he is really asserting anything at all, one way of trying to understand (or perhaps to expose) his utterance is to attempt to find what he would regard as counting against, or as being incompatible with, its truth. For if the utterance is indeed an assertion, it will necessarily be equivalent to a denial of the negation of the assertion. And anything which would count against the assertion, or which would induce the speaker to withdraw it and to admit that it had been mistaken, must be part of (or the whole of) the meaning of the negation of that assertion. And to know the meaning of the negation of an assertion, is as near as makes no matter, to know the meaning of that assertion. And if there is nothing which a putative assertion denies then there is nothing which it asserts either: and so it is not really an assertion. When the Sceptic in the parable asked the Believer, “Just how does what you call an invisible, intangible, eternally elusive gardener differ from an imaginary gardener or even from no gardener at all?” he was suggesting that the Believer's earlier statement had been so eroded by qualification that it was no longer an assertion at all.
DISCLAIMER: I do not agree with the above statement, at least in its original context and the point it tries to make.

2.) How was the term UNIX originally spelled and what did it serve as an acronym for? [5 pts.]

3.) Where did this quote come from (Hint: it is only a few years old)? The final quote had more than one person involved in “preparing it” for public consumption — if you can name more than one, you'll get 5 extra points, if you can name all three of the best answers, I'll give you 10 extra points. [20 pts.]
Speaking to the atmosphere No one's here and I fall into myself
Servatis a pereculum.
Servatis a maleficum

Remember, no web search engines (other than for searching only this site, using in the query), but you can use other web resources, if you wish to really seek out this answer (as Jason is trying to do with Question #1.2).

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