An Election Eve Request for Serious Pre-Voting Consideration

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:29 PM

Remember to vote tomorrow (unless you are one of those people who live in a state that allows early voting). Hey, and if you support the President, heed Mrs. Kerry's advice to “vote early and vote often.” ;-)

Just a quick thought to remember: Even if you are in a state where you vote will not (likely) influence the outcome of the election, it will still help. Let's get the President to not only win the electoral college but also a landslide popular vote! Even people in died in wool “Blue” states can help with that. Let's keep this country on track — and give President Bush a mandate this time around.

This election looks to be even closer than the last in many ways. Don't stay home and let Kerry win. If you live in states like Ohio and Florida and you support a third party candidate, consider waiting until next election to support that party and vote for President Bush. If you live in the swing states and don't really like either candidate but at least can sympathize with the President a bit more, vote! Your vote could be the deciding vote, so it is critical to support our President right now. No vote or a third party vote in swing states is merely a vote for Kerry — he does not share our values, let's not let him force those values on us.

This election will likely decided:
  • Whether the anti-life policies of liberal activist judges will continue to be “blessed” by the government. (Keep in mind several Supreme Court justices will likely retired this time around!)
  • Whether the draft will be reinstated. Kerry keeps bringing it up but never emphatically denies support for it like the President has done (for instance, at the debate Kerry never said “no” but instead accused the President of supporting the draft — something he completely denies!).Democrats are the ones who proposed H.R. 163 to reinstate the draft.
  • Whether the U.S. should remain sovereign or let European activist judges in the International Criminal Court intervene with us. (Kerry supports this.)
  • Whether the U.S. is able to protect its interests as it sees fit or if it must pass an “international test” and get the blessing of the U.N. Kerry, during the Clinton Administration, actually said at one point that some of the conflicts we were considering going into would be useful if under U.N. jurisdiction but dead-ends if we went in by ourselves.
  • Whether government ought to increase taxes on the rich merely because they are richer than the rest of us. As Michael Badnarik notes, a good way to see if you can support this view is to ask yourself whether you would go rob your rich neighbor because you want him to pay for your healthcare, retirement, education, etc. If you won't do it yourself, why do you want the government ofall the people (not just of the working/middle classes) to do it for you and represent your interests as the “most important”?
  • Whether a candidate can simply blow with the wind, supporting preemptive action when it was fashionable (pre-Howard Dean) and not when it wasn't (post-Howard Dean). Whether candidates can say they'd vote the same way while condemning what their vote authorized. Whether candidates can say they believe life begins as conception but that abortion must be permitted (e.g. saying the government shouldn't stop what you believe to be murder!).

This election will decide these things. Voting for Nader will not stop this decision. Staying home will not stop this decision. Only voting for President Bush will say that these things are wrong. The President is not perfect, but who really is? Until the day Jesus returns, we will always have to pick the lesser of “evils.” No candidate is perfect, but we must ask which one has the best ratio of the ability to win and support the issues you support.

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