Photomania on Memorial Day Weekend

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:34 AM

1,227. That's the number of photos from my Ozark trip. 997 of those were taken by me, the remainder were taken by my mother who also was on the trip (originally, a close family friend was going to come to, but she couldn't come due to a brief hospitalization — thus why the trip was delayed for a few days). I'll take my photos and combine them with the ones I got off the cards I borrowed from my mother to create a slideshow, perhaps in DVD format, of the whole trip. I did that for our Christmas trip, although I've never actually burned it to the DVD… I need to do that.

The new photo card reader did a good job of downloading the photos. Even thought I took some time browsing through the photos, I got done in plenty of time to get to the family memorial day barbecue dinner. That was a lot of fun too — we had very nice BBQ burgers marinated in Sweet Baby Rays Award Winning BBQ sauce and Maull's Sweet-n-Spicy BBQ sauce, pea salad (which was surprisingly good despite my normal dislike of peas), a berry jell-o salad, beans, and chips. Plus some delicious deserts, which always helps.

Afterward, the remaining family members — myself, my cousins and my parents (my uncle left after dinner) — sat down and tried out “Cranium.” That was pretty fun, it certainly is a game that provides ample opportunity for laughs. Probably the most humorous parts where when someone was blatantly ignoring the rules. For instance… well, you'd just have to be there.

All in all a great day. Did any of y'all do anything special for the holiday, or are you waiting until tomorrow?

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RE: Photomania on Memorial Day Weekend
It's a holiday weekend? OK, so technically, I know the calendar says something about that. Yesterday was a typical sunday. I don't get sundays off in my line of work. :) Monday is always a day off. Nothing special going on, at all.
Posted by kevin - May 31, 2004 | 11:15 AM

RE: Photomania on Memorial Day Weekend
So do we get to see a few pictures?
Posted by Christopher - May 31, 2004 | 12:36 PM

RE: Photomania on Memorial Day Weekend
Yup. I'm working through them to find my favorites and then I'll post some. That takes "a while" with that many. :-)
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - May 31, 2004 | 6:09 PM

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