Road Work Ahead

Called to Work by the Power of the One Who Saves Us

By Tim Butler | Posted at 9:00

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I preached on Philippians 2:12–2:16 at Grace PCA over Memorial Day weekend. We often look at the first part of Philippians 2, where we find Paul's beautiful description of Jesus's incarnation and sacrifice for us, but what does it mean when Paul follows those familiar words with a call to work out our salvation in fear and trembling? It means there is road work ahead in our lives as Christ transforms us to be more like him.

Sermon Notes

Working out our salvation is the process of being __________________ (vv. 12-13).

What kind of work are we called to?

  1. Work ________________________ Each Other (v. 14)
  2. Work ________________________ the World (v. 15)
  3. Work _________________________ by the Word (v. 16)

Main Point: Christ calls us to work in his triumphant power.

Credit: Road Work Ahead photo © Mustafa Khayat, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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Re: Road Work Ahead

Posted by tariq shaikh - Jan 20, 2018 | 5:52

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