The Dirtiest Job

Meditating on the Incarnation During Christmastide

By Tim Butler | Posted at 15:02

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For the last three years, I've had the blessing to preach the last Sunday of the year at Grace. I love getting the opportunity to meditate on the Christmas season during this Christmastide; this time allows us to reflect with a little less stress than is often present prior to Christmas (see my post on a Twelve Days of Christmas devotional booklet). This year, my message was from John 1:9-13, looking at Jesus's determination to save us that is demonstrated by his birth. You can listen to the message and find a fill-in-the-blank outline below.

The Dirtiest Job

John 1:9-13
Rev. Timothy Butler

  1. Jesus was willing to ____________________
    • The Son came into the world (vv. 9-10a)
    • The Son made the world (v. 10b)
  2. Jesus was willing to ____________________
    • The World did not know him (v. 10c)
    • His People did not know him (v. 11)
  3. Jesus is willing to bring us ____________________
    • We are adopted by God (v. 12b)
    • We are desired by God (v. 13)
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