Update on My Dad

By Tim Butler | Posted at 21:06

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my dad over the last two days. My dad had a stroke yesterday morning and after being taken to the nearest hospital, it was determined he needed to be transferred to the regional stroke center for an angioplasty to remove a blockage in his carotid artery; there was also a significant amount of blood clotting in his brain that they removed at the same time. While the surgery was successful, the amount of damage caused by the blockage is still unclear.

The most recent CT scan showed some brain bleed, but the doctor and the nurses did not seem terribly worried about it at this point. He had a fever this morning, but that has cleared up. Right now, he remains largely paralyzed on his left side, but he was able to wiggle his foot, so that was quite encouraging. The biggest challenge that we can see immediately ahead is that he cannot swallow at the moment. The doctor seemed to be optimistic that this too would be temporary.

Your continued prayers are so very much appreciated. I am grateful for them and I know my mom is as well. Thank you.

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad

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Re: Update on My Dad
Posted by Tracy - Dec 18, 2017 | 9:49

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