Focus Groups

By Tim Butler | Posted at 18:51

Tom Kowaleski recounts the story of the Viper's development:

Viper was a major part of my education in the automobile business. I worked at Chrysler in the '80s and '90s, and the Viper's development – indeed, its whole story – was critical to Chrysler's revitalization and comeback into credibility. The Viper program was done on a shoestring. It came to life as the result of four incredibly strong personalities agreeing on a single vision. It was a car no consumer research would ever support. It was a car one no one else would ever think of building. Yet, it became the flame that started the fire of belief in the next life of Chrysler.

Focus groups never create great things. Focus groups only find what is acceptably mediocre.

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Re: Focus Groups

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Re: Focus Groups

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Re: Focus Groups

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Re: Focus Groups

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