On the Ninth Day of Christmas

By Tim Butler | Posted at 20:00

A very thoughtful post by Lindsey Crittenden on the Twelve Days of Christmas:

Not yet. Advent is all about waiting, about living into the not yet, and Christmas is about Emmanuel. God is with us. We are always waiting—for Christ to return, for peace, for good will, for those things we yearn for yet can’t quite, on our own, bring about.

Christmas lasts twelve days as an invitation to sit in this place with the God-made-man a bit longer. We’ll get it again—painfully so, of course, in Lent and Holy Week—but for now, let us rejoice for all twelve days.

Re: On the Ninth Day of Christmas

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Re: On the Ninth Day of Christmas

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Re: On the Ninth Day of Christmas

God is with us!
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