The Canon EOS EF-M

By Tim Butler | Posted at 7:11

This looks exactly like the sort of exciting compact bodied interchangeable lens camera that I have been hoping to see from Canon. While there may end up being disadvantages to using a full APS-C sized sensor in this body with regards to how small the EF-M lenses can be made, the fact that this camera shares a sensor with the EOS Rebel T4i also makes it a theoretically more capable than most of its peers. Assuming that the production version fixes some of the bugs that the press ran into with the early samples yesterday, I think this could prove to be a camera that any Canon EF system user will be mightily tempted by.

Re: The Canon EOS EF-M

Actually, it will share the same problem as other APS-C sized cameras—lenses that far out-size the body. Compare the lenses available for the m4/3 system vs the Sony and now Canon systems. I'll take the m4/3 any day, and after having shot this system for several years, I'll stack up the quality I'm getting with them over the Canon Rebel T4i any day. You may get some high ISO quality difference, but I used Canon before going to Oly, and can say that I always had to massage my Canon files, and never have to muck with my Oly. Oly does much better at producing usable jpegs in camera than anybody else. I always had to shoot Canon raw, and post-process. Post processing is a thing of the past with Oly.

More thoughts. Canon is late to the game, and will have to cover a lot of ground to catch up to Oly and Pana. Also, m4/3 has the largest lens selection. It will take Canon even longer to approach matching that—if ever. If one wants to go compact in a serious way, I recommend Oly or Pana m4/3. Canon is just for those who feel an emotional attachment to Canon, (and the Nikon range the same), or to those who think that that name on the body gives cred. :-)


Posted by Jon Glass - Aug 7, 2012 | 6:29

Re: The Canon EOS EF-M


Actually, my main interest is the cost saving sticking to one system. As ridiculous as sticking a giant lens on a tiny body may look, at least it is a supported option this way (and the same with the flashes).

I do like the high ISO advantages (in theory), so I'll be interested to see the results of testing on that. I also prefer a shallower DOF. If I had extra money floating around, I'd pick up a full frame camera…

I've never had problems with my 40D's post-processing, though I typically shoot in RAW. I always liked the output the 40D gave me with its JPEGs.

Posted by Tim Butler - Aug 7, 2012 | 14:40

Re: The Canon EOS EF-M


Are you saying that this camera uses normal EF lenses??? Ok, now I'm confused… What's the point of this camera then?

Aha!!! Not the case! Here's what the spec sheet says:

“Canon EF-M mount (Canon EF-M lenses can be mounted directly to the camera. Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses) can be attached by using the optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M.)”

So, while you can add the EF and EF-S lenses, you need an adapter. I wonder how much carries through?

I would have to say, though, that from what I've seen on the Oly side, even with its excellent adapter for 4/3 lenses, in the long run, you don't want to use adapted lenses—too awkward and limiting (typically, focus is much slower, and not just the m-4/3 system). It's always better to stick with lenses built for the system, and this is one area where Canon really falls down—it offers only two lenses, and as they add lenses to the system, Oly and Panny and others keep adding to the m4/3 system. And comparing this camera with the OMD-M from Oly, there just isn't any point of comparison. If you want to use your Canon lenses with Oly, there are adapters—more limiting than the one for the EF-M, but limited is limited in my book. I have adapters for my old KA Pentax to my Canon EF mount, and after playing a while, I decided the trade-offs aren't worth it, so I never bothered getting adapters, even for my gorgeous Oly 12-60 to mount on my Pen… I'd rather spend the money on good lenses that match the system. In fact, I'm probably going to sell everything that's not m4/3 in the long run to fund more lenses.

Let's put it this way. The future is compact, non-SLR exchangeable lenses. Better to dump the old while it still has value. ;-)


Posted by Jon Glass - Aug 8, 2012 | 5:54

Re: The Canon EOS EF-M

That's depressing, Jon! ;)

I'm not sure how much I'd use adapters, but there are lenses I wouldn't mind acquiring that I know I couldn't justify buying twice… Who knows, I'm going to wait this one out a while longer. I feel the future 7D Mk II calling my name…

Posted by Tim Butler - Aug 12, 2012 | 4:10

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Re: The Canon EOS EF-M

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