Giving Up Reading

By Tim Butler | Posted at 1:12

Harry Marks presents a humorous take on the pledges some bloggers will take to do something seemingly difficult (and arbitrary) allegedly for some reason that will lead to a better life, but really mostly oriented towards publicity and obtaining more readers:

Abandoning reading will force me to be better with my time, vastly more aloof to current events, and a complete bore to everyone around me. And if you're still crazy enough to be talking to your computer screen, you might be asking, “Why couldn't you just limit how much you're reading instead of cutting it out completely?” The answer is simple, young one - because common sense doesn't get page views.

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Re: Giving Up Reading

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Re: Giving Up Reading

I also have a habit of reading when I was in my twenties, but this time I was lazy,… Husband and Wife

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Giving Up Reading

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Giving Up Reading

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