By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:11 AM

The iPad goes on pre-order in less than twelve hours. Before it does, let me go on the record to say I think the device is going to be revolutionary and will more than likely run in scarce supply for the first few months. I fully expect this to be the first mass market success for a tablet computer.

I also believe that the iPad's best uses haven't been dreamt up yet and will come out of innovative app developers finding new ways to make use of its huge multitouch display and its non-legacy foundations. The more innovation we see on the app front, the more indispensable this device will become as a third major hardware front for Apple.

With that in mind, and with full disclosure that I am an AAPL shareholder, let me suggest that I think $250/share is not an unrealistic price target within the next three to six months.

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