Peacemaker and Abuse: Another Perspective

By Tim Butler | Posted at 18:57

My mother has been blogging about my family's experiences at the old church as well. She writes,

While I said certain words in the beginning of this ordeal, I now hear those same words coming to us by others who had “the experience” at that church. Abuse, violation, darkness, evil, shadows — words that I realize are not unique to my family or me now that I have heard others say them. Words about things that should not have a place on this earth that God has blessed us with.

Things that I told those councils are coming true.

Her pieces present a helpful walk through the events at the old church and the dangers of Peacemaker Ministries' programs. She has written quite extensively on the subject and the pieces are worth your perusal.

Re: Peacemaker and Abuse: Another Perspective

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Re: Peacemaker and Abuse: Another Perspective

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Re: Peacemaker and Abuse: Another Perspective

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Re: Peacemaker and Abuse: Another Perspective

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