Can You Tell Helvetica from Arial?

By Tim Butler | Posted at 15:43

Think you know your fonts? Try this quiz that takes famous logos using the Helvetica typeface to see if you can spot the (original) Helvetica version versus the Arial version.

HT: John Gruber. (Incidentally, I got 20/20, which means I get at least a brief moment to glory over the aesthetically astute John Gruber.)

Re: Can You Tell Helvetica from Arial?

I got most of them. There are a few letters which are distinct enough to tell at a glance.

Posted by Jason P. Franklin - Sep 30, 2009 | 22:57

Re: Can You Tell Helvetica from Arial?

I did so poorly I didn't bother finishing. You'd think after consistently being wrong on every logo I'd learn from my mistakes and start getting them right. But, no. I didn't. I am a font failure.

Posted by Caedmon - Oct 3, 2009 | 20:56

Re: Can You Tell Helvetica from Arial?

Jason: good job!

Caedmon: I think you should be forced to use Arial and (gasp!) Verdana for at least two months as penance.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Oct 4, 2009 | 5:49

Re: Can You Tell Helvetica from Arial?

I use TNR for school and Optima or Skia for personal. Arial Black is good for poster headings, though.

Posted by Caedmon - Oct 5, 2009 | 22:22

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