None of the Pomp, All of the Circumstance

By Tim Butler | Posted at 1:04 AM

Well, I “walked” at the Lindenwood's commencement back in May (see All of the Pomp, Most of the Circumstance), and could have graduated, but I needed four more classes to complete my second major (English) and minor (Philosophy). With those classes done and my last final turned in tonight, I walked off the campus with my BA complete.

It is amazing I am done. After four and a half years, and 141 credit hours, it is complete. And quietly so: I handed in my essay at 8:03 p.m. after two and a half hours of exam time along with a friend of mine who also was finishing up this semester. My professor, Dr. Canale, upon realizing her class had served to “graduate” us, shook our hands and congratulated us.

I get to pick up my diploma from Academic Services after January 1.

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