TQ: (Programming) Languages

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:41 AM

This week's TQ from Mark is on programming languages.

1. What was the first language that you learned/used?
If it counts, MS-DOS batch scripting. If not, then Visual Basic.

2. What is your favorite language and why?
Perl. Partly because I've just become comfortable with it, partially because it seems more efficient for most tasks I do than PHP and provides easier to read code than other alternatives such as Python.

3. What is you least favorite and why?
Of those I know anything about, Visual Basic, but the scope of my knowledge is rather limited.

4. What language would you like to learn next?
Latin, French or Spanish. Oh, sorry, programming languages. Er, right. ;) I really don't have any big desire to learn another programming language, although back when I was more into that kind of stuff, it would have been C++.

5. What language do you have no desire to ever learn?

6. What language do you think is the best to start learning programming with?
Probably C/C++ just because of its flexibility.

7. What method you prefer, functional or OO?
For the most part, I've only used functional programming. I'm quite happy with that.

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