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Sunday Five

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Busy, Busy

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...or maybe not.

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Jaguar Tonight!

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I'm Thinking Different Now...

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I got it really for three reasons — (1) It'd be cool to spend some time playing around with a Mac. I do a lot of helpdesk work and I felt it was time I knew my way around a Mac, (2) I want to do a Linux vs. Mac OS X piece on Open for Business, (3) it should make a nice box to use in a previously uncomputerized room. Additionally, while not a priority, I will probably try LinuxPPC as an added bonus.

At any rate, as I said, right now it has Mac OS 9.0.4, but I plan to acquire a copy of OS X Jaguar soon (Amazon was selling it for $79.95, but I decided to wait until I had the system in my hands before I bought software for it, and now they are selling it for $109.95!). While I am more interested in Mac OS X than OS 9, one good thing about buying an older Mac is that it does still runs OS 9 so that I can try that out too.

Anyway, I'll post more experiences as I get them, especially once OS X arrives. My first glance opinion is that it's a very nice system with an elegant design (the Apple Pro mouse looks like a piece of art), although the way things are done in Mac OS 9 seems a bit awkward to this Linux (previously Windows (previously DOS)) user. For starters: gimme a shell!

Thanks and Thanks Again

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Pray, Please.

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Happy June!

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Friday Five after the Fry

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Good Day So Far

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