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I just did that???

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Call me a glutton for punishment, but I just decided to run for office. Not a real office, but the BlogShares Player Securities Board. To get in the real election, all I need is someone to second me as a candidate, and then of course during the polling days, I need votes. :-) If anyone is interested in reading my platform and/or seconding or thirding me, please take a look here. If you really want to get into the fun, feel free to take a copy of my campaign sign too:

This should be kinda fun. Being an avid political observer, it's fun running for a virtual office. I'm not use to trying to sell myself in such a manor, so who knows how this will go, but it should be fun no matter what…

Gone For a Few Days

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Well, I'm off for a few days of R-n-R on Table Rock Lake. :-) Woo hoo! Have a great week everyone…. as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I'll Be Back.”

Note for blogs4God

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It seems that the good people that bring us blogs4God are doing some list updating. Jen Kibler-McCabe is asking blogs that should be included in the “20somethings” cache to say something to indicate this. So, I am saying something… hopefully not too late, I had meant to do this a few days ago. There, now, back to work. sigh

More Blogroll, More Blogshares

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Well, I conducted a reverse stock split this morning in hopes of increasing my share price so that I could issue some more shares. That worked, and there's 940 shares available for the taking if you so desire. The only bad news is issuing more shares caused my P/E to rise precipitously, and I lost $2,000 in worth in my personal portfolio as the price dropped. It seems a bit odd that buying sixty shares should cause such a large drop, but oh well. It should be stable now though, as the P/E is close to perfect and at a much better price than it would have been a day or two ago… remember buy when it's low (but, because you like asisaid, don't sell high)! ;-)

In other news, I have made some Blogroll additions. First, I've added “Sisters' Weblog: It Bloggles the Mind,” which I've been following for a little while now. Also, just this morning while following my Blogshares, I noticed Josiah Richie's blog was linking to me, and I've returned the link. I know Josiah from ChristianSource Free Software and Linux Users Group and I knew he had a blog, but I was thinking it was mostly discussion of Gentoo news. Anyway, it is now blogrolled as well.

The Mark of the Beast?

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A father murdered his daughter and is caught not by anything the police find while searching, but through the attachment of a GPS (Global Positioning Satelite) unit to his cars. If it wasn't for the device, according to this article, he would not have been caught, as he had buried his daughter far off in a remote place.

They only were able to find convicting evidence by tracking where he went, and then using that evidence to later convict him. That's a great use of technology, but there is a major problem with it, and I think it could be yet another piece of the puzzle that will eventually be used against us.

Time to post

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Well, I guess I should post something. I'm beat. Being Mother's Day and all, I did some BBQ'ing for my mother and grandmother (and the rest of the family) and now I'm worn out. It was good though. I used a combination of Sweet Baby Ray's and Maull's barbecue sauces to get an ideal flavor. Yum. Of course, any post about the last few days needs to include mention of the weather…

Am I Snobby, Dear Chap?

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From the Snob Quiz: “You haven't quite cut that snob mustard, Tim. Being 50% snob doesn't make you properly stuck up but nor does it condemn you to burn in middle-class hell. Unless you want to hang in snob limbo forever, brush up on those P's and Q's, buy yourself some fruit knives and start lying about your education quick. “

50% Snob is probably pretty good. Snobby enough to fit in with snobs and not too snobby to fit with anti-snobs. Hehehe…

[Thanks to Kevin.]

Calm Before the Storm After the Storm Before the Calm

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I'm not quite sure what to do. This week has been a frantic mess trying to take care of several deadlines, desperate clients, and various other matters that I fell behind on last week. And now I'm done.

I can see the tidal wave that will probably be next week already on the horizon, but it is still too distant to worry about. So, I sit here enjoying a few minutes of peace and blogging. I must say I am very appreciative of this time today.

In other news, I sold off some of to allow market pressure to play with the price a bit. Christopher already noticed this and bought some shares. Thanks Christopher!

Now if Blogshares would just correctly calculate incoming/outgoing links so that my blog wouldn't seem to be on the edge of being overvalued…

Ah, and other good news. MandrakeSoft shipped me a Mandrake Linux boxed set for review at Open for Business. Much to my surprise, they didn't ship the PowerPack edition I expected (7 CD's, $69). Instead, they sent me the ProPack (8 CD's, 1 DVD, $199). I had been wanting to have the opportunity to give that edition a review, but knowing Mandrake's current financial problems, I wasn't expecting to receive that. Thanks, Mandrake!

(The free Download Edition, which I am currently running, has been excellent so far in its 9.1 iteration, so I am sure the ProPack — which just has “more stuff” — ought to be quite good too. I highly recommend downloading a copy and then joining MandrakeClub if you like it.)


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I was so busy today, I didn't even have a chance to check my BlogShares performance or read my Blogroll. :-( Maybe tomorrow…

A World Away

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Tonight my church had a farewell party to one of our members. Well actually, it was a small group giving the farewell party. My mom and dad have been going to a small group over at my Pastor's house for some time now, and one of the members is heading back to her home country this week.

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