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If Separated from Apple, "iPhoneCo" Would Be...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:08

Henry Blodget, not typically a huge fan of Apple, notes some of the more incredible aspects of Apple's latest financial results report. If the iPhone portion of Apple were a separate company, for example, it alone could be the world's most profitable company:

Seriously… here's how we get there. Apple's overall profit margin is 30%. We estimate that the iPhone's profit margin is slightly higher, say 35%. The iPhone is currently generating annualized revenue of nearly $100 billion. The iPhone's annualized profit, therefore, may be as much as $35 billion a year. That's bigger than the $30 billion of profit ExxonMobil generated last year.


HT: Gassee.

Who Copied Whom?

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:12

Since Apple has been busy with their patent suits against Android phone manufacturers, certain parties have made claims about how Android was already going where Apple headed with an all touchscreen phone before the iPhone. Thus, a presentation the Verge discovered which presents what an Android phone was originally suppose to look like is enlightening:

Exact specs for those first concepts aren't detailed, but Google does spell out what it had in mind for the least common denominator across Android devices. […] At that time, touchscreen support wasn't a requirement — in fact, the baseline specs required two soft menu keys, indicating that touchscreens weren't really in the plan at all.

Keep in mind that this plan was communicated a month or so before the iPhone launched and over year before Android finally came to market in the United States. Google was clearly aiming to copy the BlackBerry until the iPhone completely changed what people wanted in a phone. To his credit, Thom Holwerda, who has been a vocal critic of this suggestion in the past, has admitted that this new revelation shows he was wrong.

AAPL Improves Year-over-Year. Again.

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:52

Tim Cook commenting today on Apple's second quarter performance for 2012:

“Just two years after we shipped the initial iPad, we sold 67 million,” he said. “It took us 24 years to sell that many Macs, and five years for that many iPods, and over three years for that many iPhones.”

HT: Gruber

Pebble: the e-Ink-based Watch

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:24

What isn't to like about a watch that tethers with your phone's Bluetooth to give you caller id information, e-mail updates and all sorts of other things while also displaying it all on an easy-to-read e-ink screen? I can't think of much. Take a look.

The 4" iPhone

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:22

I'm still not entirely convinced Apple will move to a bigger display size on the iPhone, but they would be much more likely to if the physical device size differences were minimized. That is what makes this mockup very interesting.

Why Can't I Use My Phone Number on

By Tim Butler | Posted at 21:25

Zach Phillips explains my most significant frustration with iMessage on the iPad and Mac:

It would only take one feature to make Messages on iPad and useful. Allow me to use my phone number as my iMessages account. My phone number has always been my unique identifier through which I choose to receive these short bits of text (for good reason). If I can't use my real “address,” there's not much point in signing up for a different delivery company. The package will not arrive where I need it.

Since iOS 5 launched, it has puzzled me why Apple designed the system so that iMessages sent to my Apple ID go to my Mac, iPhone and iPad while iMessages sent using my phone number only go to my iPhone. It creates a confusing (and technologically needless) situation where one ideally needs to give up iMessages' brilliant capability of seemlessly replacing SMS to reap all the benefits of using it.

Apple should fix this in iOS 6.


By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:33

This is big. Iran, it seems, is going to build its own isolated intranet and all but cut its citizens off from access to the real, worldwide Internet:

Millions of Internet users in Iran will be permanently denied access to the World Wide Web and cut off from popular social networking sites and email services, as the government has announced its plans to establish a national Intranet within five months.

This is unprecedented for any nation with readily available Internet access. Here's hoping the plan falls apart.

Sanitizing Cell Phones

By Tim Butler | Posted at 1:02

A cell phone, rather obviously, should be one of the germiest things we use. Between times we pull out our phones, we touch door handles, shake hands and so on. Now some inventive folks are trying to create a special UV sanitizer just for cell phones. The nifty thing is that this device avoids making UV sanitation an extra step by combining cleaning and charging into one process. Intriguing.

From the site:

Wired put it best when they said, “The irradiated warmth of a cellphone's interior is a vile, germ-infested bath loaded with more pathogens than any surface in your home.” The difference from your cell phone and everything else around you is that your cell phones is a safe-haven for bacteria. Their warmth allows bacteria to continue to live and to continue to reproduce!

The inventors have set their Kickstarter fundraising goal at $18,000 for production to begin.

Quest Mode

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:03

While you still can, you should visit Google Maps and try the “Quest” mode. It shows to how great an extent the company is willing to go to for a good April Fools Joke.

Lenovo Shows Apple How It's Done

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:31

People often get upset at Apple for suing companies that borrow design ideas from the Mac maker. That's why it is refreshing to see Lenovo has new laptops headed our way that are completely innovative in their appearance. No one would ever confuse this for a MacBook Pro. Note, for example, the location of the power button.

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